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this was pretty satisfying to play. I'd polish up the animations a bit but otherwise a good download.

Your game starts at 5:29

Thanks! Appreciate it. 

It was done for a Gamesjam, so it was made in 3-4 days, hence the jankiness.

Thanks a lot for playing again :)

I´ve really enojyed the game. I found super interesting the sinergy between the mechanics represented by the animals. Also, the environment looks really good and well integrated with everything.

I´ve experienced, though, some bugs when selecting the animals, where the game will select "nothing" a you´ll see through the ground.

Overall, very good work guys! Keep it up!

I WISH this was longer, I absolutely love the story that you've told and the animal models looked fantastic!! If you ever plan on expanding this out into a bigger game then I will play the hell out of it!

(This is the third game on the video)